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Business & Operational

Support Systems

DNext is a Cloud Native Digital Customer Engagement Platform Enabling Rapid Productization and Delivering Digital Customer Experience

DNext Omni-Channel Frontend Integrateded with Catalog Based Order Management


PiNcentives: Engine for Applying Rule Driven Complex Discounts and Promotions Any Kind Of Ticket

Coupon virtual wallet based promotion engine able to  give direct and cross discounts for different type of markets and products (Telco, Media)


ElasDoc: Cloud Based Design,Process, Enrich, Produce & Distrubute Documents

Elastic Document System (ElasDoc) Provides distinct capabilities to  design enrich and distrubute electronic documents such as invoices, statements & other digital omni-channel media in mass quantities


eCommerse Solution is a Cloud native application based on Open Source Technology to create enhanced omni-channel shopping experience.

eCommerce: Cloud Based Flexible eCommerce Platform 



ITOPiA: IT Operations Intelligent Analytics

Technology to Provide Actionable Insights and Multi-Layered Dashboards Getting Data from your Operational BSS/OSS Applications


Data Analytics & Management


ITDM - Intellica Telecommunications Data Model

ITDM is an industry specific data model for telecommunications service providers worldwide. It provides a structured, comprehensive, extensive, easy to use and extensible set of data elements that serve the needs of business users


ICC - Intelligent Consistency


ICC is a web-based, user friendly, centralized data consistency management application that creates a discipline for data consistency. 


“ReTouch” is a web-based solution that enables your business users to prepare and manage data assets in DWH/BI systems for analyzing reports and making decisions with full traceability.

ReTouch - Data Entry Management


EVAM - Streaming Analytics

EVAM is a pioneer of the Real Time Streaming Analytics domain. EVAM is a next generation platform that is built from the ground up with the enterprise user in mind. Development began in early 2010 and the first instances of EVAM went live within the same year.

Smart City Solutions


EDS: Electronic Dedection System Advanced Traffic Monitoring and Violation System

For Istanbul Municipality EDS system performs advance operations such as penalty operation, parking, sidewalk, emergency lane, speed, red light, etc. violation.


Global Miles is a Blockchain platform enabling the miles distributed across the world for frequent flyers and airlines which can be used and managed by a mobile application.

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