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Elastic Document (ElasDoc) is a configurable high volume digital document production system.

   ElasDoc system allows;

  • Collection & Aggregation of electronic documents from source systems

  • Workflows; Document context enrichment & processing

  • Layout Design & Production; PDF, HTML, PS, …

  • Distribution & Delivery of file system, email, web


With ever increasing business models of especially Telco Ops (T-Mobile, Verizon, etc.), Web Commerce Providers (e.g. Amazon) and Finance Companies all businesses shift to electronic forms of document production and delivery.


Model of bill or any statement paper generation has changed





Basic overlook of the system functionality is as follows:


So what ElasDoc is

      Enhanced & Felxible

Workflow driven, high-volume, high throughput, distributed

Document Production System

Document system that works on 100+ millions of; XML or JSON encoded files

With complex easy to use and configure managament features

Rules and workflow logic that allows sequencing of;

Alter, Edit, Aggregate, Clone, Filter parts of document

Lookup, Retrieve, Send information to from external databases, web service APIs

With support for various output formats and distribution mechanisms

Allow layout design, produce PDF, HTML, text and custom formats

  Distribute via various APIs; file systems, sftp, web service etc.

Architecture of the system looks like as follows:

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