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PiA’s eCommerce Solution is a cloud native platform based on open source Technology. It helps you to create omni channel shopping experiences for your customers. You can save your efforts of integration with and manage your business with processes.


Improve Customer Experience      

  • A consistent & simple experience across every touchpoint to your e-customer

  • Omni-channel with responsive design to enable best customer experience

  • Cloud based eCommerce platform for better shopping experiences

  • Make your customers to enjoy their shopping


Revenue Enhancement & Operational Efficiency


  • Shopping everywhere instantly

  • Dynamic Product Catalogue

  • Dynamic Rule Engine

  • Stock and Inventory Management

  • Order and Shipment Tracking

  • Order Management, Customer Service and Back Office

  • Easy Integration with 3rd parties and Telco Operator’s internal systems


Faster Time to Market


  • Digital Dynamic Product Catalogue with easy new product launch

  • BPMN in the solution allows implementation of Business Work Flows easily

  • Changes, Order Controls, Back Office Processes

  • Easy Integration with 3rd parties and Telco Operator’s internal systems


Flexible Architecture


  • Microservices Architecture

  • Supports Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery

  • Supports DevOps Native Operations

  • Future Proof, Loosely Coupled, Robust Platform

  • Runs on Openshift Container Platform (Cloud Native)

  • Fully Opensource Technologies

  • Main backbone on BPMN based business process engine with Camunda BPM

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