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Company Overview | Business Overview – PiA Group

 Introduction to PiA Group

Since 2012 the Group operates as an IT consultancy and software development company that provides value added services in software sales, implementation, after sale services, and solutions for its customers. The Group has operating subsidiaries in Turkey, the USA, the UAE, and has recently established a subsidiary in Albania in November 2021.

•Operations are divided into two business lines, namely Systems Integration and Data & Analytics.


     - PiA Group provides Digital Transformation, Consultancy, Custom Application Development, and Technology Innovation services under Systems Integration business line.

     - The Group has vast experience in turnkey data and analytics projects through its subsidiary Intellica.

•PiA Group has developed products and solutions in operational analytics, partner management, document processing, encrypted secure communication, black list tracking (blockchain based), and data related products for integrating local data with DWH, and telecom / finance reference data models.

•As of Q2 2022, the Group has around 400 employees, including outsourced personnel.

The management expects to generate Net Sales of TL 227 million in 2022, up from TL 125 million in 2021.