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Murat Nail Erenay, as the main co-founder of PiA, is an experienced entrepreneur who has worked in various positions in national and international IT companies for many years in different geographies and has made these companies successful in terms of both profitability and size. 


Based on his global experience, Murat Nail Erenay founded PIA by mobilizing many people in this direction, believing that great IT companies will emerge from developing countries in the field of technology such as Turkey and with the aim of becoming a global player.


Since 2012, the company has been active in the field of domestic and international IT services. Since the founders and the first engineers came from the Telecom service and product sector, they started their activities by providing services to Telecom companies, and in the following period, they realized services and turnkey projects for other sectors. Before investing in products, the company operated as an independent system integrator, aiming to provide solutions using the technologies that its customers invested in. In the process, it established strong business partnerships with international companies of its size. Subsequently, the company designed many products/solutions in line with the targets set in 2012 and successfully implemented many of them, providing significant added value to its customers




PiA has successfully undergone three distinct phases of establishment, growth, and development since its inception:

In a forward-looking approach, we strategically prioritized international relations, culminating in a pivotal agreement with Tech Mahindra, a prominent foreign System Integration company in the Telecom sector. This collaboration led to the successful execution of a long-term service contract. Moreover, during this period, we undertook the development of a cutting-edge CRM product tailored for Turkey's largest telecommunications operator. This product was built upon a platform acquired from Huawei. As our workforce expanded to approximately 30 employees, we dedicated ourselves to fostering a robust corporate and product development culture. This commitment included the establishment of clear disciplines and frameworks to guide our endeavors effectively.

During our journey of growth and development, PiA achieved a significant milestone by securing its first international project, building upon the success we had attained in domestic ventures. We completed a long-term transformation project with excellence for Korek, located in Northern Iraq. This endeavor not only showcased our capabilities but also provided us with valuable experience in resource management and customer relations.


Aligned with our strategic vision, we initiated partnerships in the technology sector to enhance our expertise and stability. Our strategic collaboration with Ericsson was particularly noteworthy, resulting in the successful execution of numerous international projects. As a testament to this partnership, we inaugurated the Izmir Test Center with Ericsson and efficiently operated a test automation project staffed by 120 dedicated professionals.


Simultaneously, we expanded our presence by establishing engineering service and sales companies in the United States and the Middle East, marking significant strides in our growth trajectory.

In 2016, PiA expanded into data consultancy, a critical domain in the contemporary business landscape. by the acquisition of Intellica. The acquisition of Intellica marked a significant chapter in PiA's evolving narrative. Intellica, recognized as one of the foremost business intelligence consultancy companies in Turkey, held a substantial market presence and a robust portfolio. The merger was strategically aligned with PiA's vision of expanding its breadth of services and fortifying its position in the market.

During the first years of institutionalization, PiA made many managerial, international and product range developments. The company evolved into a more professional management team and clarified roles and responsibilities with the help of consultants. Okan Karaduman became the new manager of the group companies, and the company moved to a new level of maturity by appointing experienced people to the management of each sub-company. New appointments were made in Human Resources and Financial Management. In the field of technology, experienced names in System Integration, digital transformation and R&D were included in the team. 


In terms of international expansion, by 2023, PiA had reached many customers, making great strides every year. Offices were opened in Dubai, Riyadh and Tirana, and an engineering center was established in Islamabad. In the same period, new business areas were opened and foreign revenues reached record levels. 


Important steps were also taken in product development. PiA gathered all R&D activities under a single roof and positioned it as a Development Factory. It ensured that all products coming out of R&D are developed in the same standards and discipline. It has also set standards for how product development teams will work with project teams, how they will communicate and with which outputs they will realize projects.


In line with its strategic goals, the company plans to be a priority target for future investments by addressing growth in all aspects. It aims to increase its current 400 engineering staff to thousands of people in the next 5 years and to increase per capita income by 4 times.

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