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Managed Service and Outsourcing Services

At PiA, we recognize that organizations often seek streamlined operations, enhanced efficiency, and access to specialized expertise without diverting their internal resources. Our Managed Service and Outsourcing offerings are designed to provide comprehensive solutions that address client’s specific needs, whether it's IT management, business processes, or specialized tasks. By partnering with PiA for managed services and outsourcing, clients can focus on their core competencies while PiA handle critical functions and deliverables under committed SLAs. Some of the services under managed service and outsourcing are:


Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)

Efficient business processes are essential for growth. Our Business Process Outsourcing services enable clients to delegate non-core processes to our experienced team. Whether it's customer service, IT operations, or data entry, we streamline operations, enhance productivity, and reduce operational costs.


Specialized Task Outsourcing

Some tasks require specific expertise such as maintenance of product/service catalogs, invoicing, customer value management, and data analytics, etc.. PiA offers specialized task outsourcing, where our skilled professionals handle tasks. This approach lets clients access top-tier skills without the need for permanent hires.


Customizable Solutions

Every organization is unique. PiA tailors our Managed Service and Outsourcing offerings to match client’s specific needs. We work closely with clients to understand their goals, challenges, and preferences, creating a customized solution that aligns with client’s strategic objectives.


Application Management

Applications are critical to business operations. Our Application Management services encompass deployment, maintenance, updates, and performance optimization. We ensure client applications run seamlessly, providing a reliable user experience


Risk and Compliance Management

Navigating regulatory requirements and security standards can be complex. PiA's Risk and Compliance Management services help clients stay compliant with industry regulations and safeguard sensitive data, mitigating risks and ensuring peace of mind


Strategic Partnership

When client’s engage PiA for Managed Service and Outsourcing, they're not just hiring a service provider – they're forging a strategic partnership. Our team becomes an extension of client’s organization, committed to delivering excellence and contributing to client’s success.

In summary, PiA's Managed Service and Outsourcing services offer a comprehensive suite of solutions to optimize client’s operations, enhance efficiency, and unlock access to specialized expertise. By entrusting critical functions to our experienced team, clients can focus on driving innovation, growth, and value creation for client’s organization.

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