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Vodafone Global Partners with DNext to Revolutionize Customer Engagement and Drive Digital Transformation

London, UK – [March 12, 2024]: Vodafone Global, a leader in telecommunications, has announced a strategic partnership with DNext Technology, a PiA Group company, a pioneering cloud-native digital customer engagement platform. This collaboration marks a significant milestone in Vodafone’s journey towards digital transformation, aiming to redefine customer engagement and operational excellence across its global operations.

DNext's cutting-edge technology will empower Vodafone Global to transition from traditional BSS/OSS systems to a flexible, autonomous microservices-based platform. This transformation is expected to accelerate product innovation, enhance customer experiences, and streamline operations, ensuring Vodafone stays at the forefront of the telecom industry.

"Vodafone is committed to leading the digital transformation in the telecom sector, enhancing our customer engagement, and improving operational efficiency," said Pedro Sardo, Technology Shared Services and Group IT Operations Director at Vodafone Global. "Our partnership with DNext is a pivotal step towards achieving these goals, leveraging their innovative platform to deliver exceptional service to our customers worldwide."

The DNext platform offers a suite of capabilities including fast time to market, operational excellence, and a unique digital experience with transparent, flexible, and configurable business processes. This collaboration will enable Vodafone to rapidly introduce new products, achieve zero downtime during transformation phases, and leverage advanced analytics for informed decision-making.

Mesut Sen, COO  at DNext, expressed enthusiasm about the partnership, stating, "We are thrilled to collaborate with Vodafone Global, a company that shares our vision for the future of digital customer engagement. Together, we will set new standards in the telecom industry, driving innovation and delivering unparalleled customer experiences."

PiA Group, emerging as a leader in the global technology sector, stands at the forefront of innovation and expertise. Committed to leading the way in digital transformation, PiA Group focuses on crafting innovative software and delivering expert system integration services. Their vision and actions underline a commitment to setting new standards in technology, positioning themselves as a beacon of excellence and innovation within the global tech landscape.This ambition underscores their role as a pivotal player in shaping the future of technology.


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